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    We provide a positive, dynamic, family-oriented environment. We offer a wide range of classes and performance opportunities for kids, teens, and adults, all of which are led by our supportive and professionally trained staff. We sprovide a creative and fun-filled environment for dancers as we prepare for many formal and informal performance opportunities throughout the year.

    FREE 4-Week Reb3l Groove dance Fitness Workshop, Sunday, 1/26, 9:45 am

    REB3L Groove fuses hard hitting choreography with HIIT mechanics and powerful music, resulting in a high intensity, high energy, unapologetic, boot camp style dance fitness format. Dance routines are choreographed to each song in the REB3L library; they are repetitive within the song to facilitate mastery of the routine.
    4-Week Workshop: Sunday, 1/26-2/16, 9:45 am-10:45 am
    Instructor: Erica Peters
    Fee: Free. RSVP by e mail or calll 408-621-2790

    Tap for Actors!

    Want to make your tap audition smoother at your next musical audition? Check out our beginning tap classes! Many musical theatre performers are proficient in other styles but have little or no tap experience. If you're nervous about having to tap at a musical theater audition, this class is for you! We'l help you learn the basic tap steps used as auditions that are often the fundamentals of the show routine.

    Jazz Classes to Improve your Jumps, Leaps & Turns

    Having a dance background will definitely give you an edge in your auditions and stage performances. This class helps dancers develop proper technique with turns, jumps, leaps and tricks used in all forms of dance. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for whatever is thrown at you when auditioning for a musical! Check out our jazz classes on:
    Monday, 6:30 pm, Beg. Broadway Jazz (teen/adult), Christine
    Monday, 7:45 pm. Int. Jazz (teen/adult), Kristy
    Monday, 9:00 pm, Int. Jazz (teen/adult), Danny
    Tuesday, 7:45 m, Int. Lyrical (teen/adult), Elizabeth
    Tuesday, 9:00 pm, Int. Jazz (teen/adult), Oanh
    Wednesday, 7:45 pm Beg./Int Jazz (teen/adult), Angel
    Thursday, 6:30 pm, Beg./Int Jazz (teen/adult), Christine
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