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Annie Mezheritskaya

Staff Info
Position: Dance instructor, choreographer, dancer
ADP Classes: Adult hip hop
Training: Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary


annie mezheritskaya

Freestyling is how Annie found her love for dance. Ever since she was 10, she was in love with hip hop. As she grew, she learned her love for all styles of dance; Ballet, jazz, contemporary has shaped her to become an even better hip hop dancer. She also have danced with her high school team, helping choreograph and lead the team as a co-captain.

Through her choreography, she hopes to inspire creativity, authenticity, and freedom to be whoever you want. Dance is about expression and no two versions are ever the same, that is the beauty of hip-hop. Annie hopes to instill a positive and safe environment to learn and flourish in dance. For college, she plans on double majoring in Psychology and Criminology, as well as continuing her passion for dance.