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Nic Biol

Staff Info
Position: Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Dancer
ADP Classes: Hip Hop
Training: Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Lyrical, Jazz


Nic Biol

Nicholas began his artistic journey at the age of 9, when he developed a love of music. In high school, he discovered a passion for movement as a way to connect more deeply to the music, and this gave him a new and exciting world to discover, grow from, and share in. He has been dancing seriously since 2015, performing in a number of showcases including Unify, Dancing in the Row, and Dance Out Loud.

More recently, Nicholas has branched out to dance instruction and competitions, including choreographing for a junior competition team named Gobstoppers. He enjoys helping his students improve their confidence and enthusiasm in dance, while contributing positive energy to the community around him.

Nicholas is currently a student at De Anza College pursuing a business management and hospitality degree. He has formed a small meal prep/catering service for his peers at the college and hopes to someday start his own restaurant. When it comes to Nicholas, there’s never a moment to lose. Every second of the day is a new thing to learn or new thing to think about. He’s excited to be part of the dance family that is Ariel Dance Studio.