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Erica Peters

Staff Info

Position: Dance Instructor
ADP Classes: REB3LS Groove
Training: Jazz, Fitness


Erica Peters

Erica has always loved to dance.  She took jazz from age 6 to 14, and then joined drill team and cheerleading throughout high school.  Erica didn’t aspire to be a professional dancer – she has always danced for the pure fun and joy of it.  She and her husband have two children – an 8-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter – and they bring an abundance of fun and laughter, but also a new drain on time and source of anxiety.   High intensity, all-in cardio is what keeps Erica sane.  Erica has always been serious about cardio, even qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

After an injury ended Erica’s love affair with running, she turned back to dance.  At first, Erica was concerned about whether a dance oriented class could satisfy her cardio craze, but she was delighted to discover that the answer is an emphatic ‘yes!’  Erica was immediately hooked and inspired.  The dances not only satisfied her need for intense cardio, but gave her a new outlet to be super aggressive, powerful, sexy, and sassy.  On Saturdays, Erica would take 3 hours of dance (one REB3L Groove, one REB3L Strength, and another hip hop class), and that was pretty close to her former Saturday marathon training.  She would dance in the front line in the REB3L class, helping to lead those in the packed class behind her who may not have a clear view of the instructor.  
An incredible job in California found Erica, luring her across the country from Atlanta to California.  The opportunity was great, but leaving REB3L was a devastating loss that Erica wasn’t sure she could do without.  She became a certified REB3L instructor so she would have the flexibility to take REB3L with her.  Plus, she secretly always wanted to teach the class.  Erica's history of performing and cheering as a kid and teaching spin combined with her desire to inspire others all pulled her towards the instructor role.  Erica has been doing REB3L online classes in her home since moving to California and is now ready to take a leap and find a new outlet for her REB3L addiction at Ariel!
Eric sure hopes that the Ariel community falls in love with REB3L just as hard as she has!