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Nir Solomon

Staff Info

Position: Dance instructor, choreographer, dancer
ADP Classes: Adult Hip Hop
Training: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern Dance, Contemporary, Hip Hop


nir solomon

Nir has been a mover since a young age. He was a competitive swimmer growing up, but was always found living it up on the dance floor and moving/grooving to music in his room and at parties.

In college, he finally started to explore this passion by learning hip hop from his friends and attending dance cardio classes. He joined 16 different dance teams in college and fell in love with dancing, performing, and creating community through dance. He furthered his dance journey by performing at dance competitions and soon expanded his repertoire to include modern, contemporary, ballet and improvisation practices.

Nir’s true passion is making all dancers feel comfortable in their bodies and learn to explore their creative and playful sides. He dances every day, often hours at a time, and hopes to spread his love for dance to every student in his class.